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Sprotogarm™ MK1 Hoodie [Limited Supply]

Sprotogarm™ MK1 Hoodie [Limited Supply]

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Discount for Sproto Holders - Connect Wallet with sproto in it and then add product to cart for Discount using the "APPLY DISCOUNT" button. Discount will be applied at checkout. Non-Sproto Holder - Use the "Add to cart" button to add product to cart.

Orders ship 45-60 days

Fit: Mens oversize fit
Outer Shell: Dri fit
Lining: Sherpa

Brace yourselves for an eruption of style: the "Swagadelic Biotech Hoodie!" An insane collision of extreme sports and high-tech fashion, it's a typhoon of comfort, blasting you with a hurricane of hip!

This rare, presale limited edition isn't just a hoodie. It's a supernova in your wardrobe! Inspired by the virtual living biotech instant pet phenomenon, it's a cyclone of coolness, sending shockwaves in the world of fashion.

Made with avant-garde nanotech fabrics, this hoodie detonates a comfort bomb that'll make you feel indestructible! Speed? You're a lightning bolt. Richness? You're a billionaire riding a gold-plated rocket!

With every thread radiating bulletproof swag, the Swagadelic Biotech Hoodie isn't just hot. It's a wildfire of epic fashion proportions! Grab yours now, if your heart can handle the heat! 
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